Sunday 21 April 2024

How the idea for Only English Academy was born.

I had been working for several years in various English schools around the city of Malaga. From my observations first hand during that period, I felt that something was missing.


In many of the schools that I worked in the owners of the business had no background in the field of education and only saw the school as a business opportunity to make money and they had no idea of what it actually takes to teach the English courses.


In many of the establishments there were no native English teachers, sure they were English speakers but from other countries for example, The Nederlands, Lithuania, Poland etc. I soon realised that they couldn’t possibly know the culture or the nuances of the language. If something was not in the course book it was not explained or couldn’t be explained.



After a few years of working in places like that  I started thinking and formulating the idea of Only English Academy a place where the students would get a better experience of how the language actually works. The dream finally became a reality in 2017. Since then many students have passed through our doors, if you look at our testimonials page you can see what they have to say. None of this could have being achieved alone from the conception to the reality without the tremendous and tireless efforts of my friend and fellow teacher Esperanza. I and the academy owe her a great deal of gratitude  for all of the input she has had in making us so successful.